Why You Need A Website?

Updated: Jun 4

Website VS Social Media for building a successful business. I hear this all the time from network marketers/direct seller, small business entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, "why should I have a website when I build my business on social media?"

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So let's first talk about What is a website for you business in order to answer Why is it so important for a business to have a website.

What is A Website Does For Your Business?

1) Builds Authority and Trust

My favorite way to explain what a website is; "It's your business heart beat." - Chef Katrina who is one of 5 marketers teaching how to build your business on Pinterest.

Your website your home, your place to be yourself, to introduce people to your business and who you are. If you've been in business for a while or are just brand new; people are where business comes from and they buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust.

But how do they know you? Is the only way they know is from social media, it's possible that you're not getting as much as you could be for your business.

A website it completely searchable, how many time do you go to social media like Facebook or Instagram to search for a network marketing product, a service that you offer? Very rarely, people search on Google, on YouTube, on Pinterest for answers.

So what if you started showing up in those places because you now have a website that allows people to find you?

Just imagine how much more business you could get if you show up when they search for information. Now I'm not saying that building on social media isn't effective, it can be very effective if you put in the time to always show up.

I personally am a mom of two busy children and I don't have time or even want to always be present on social media to build my business. I want and need people to come find me and THAT is the power of a website.

2) It's your Own

A website is also a place you own, have you ever had a post taken off of Facebook for content that wasn't allowed?

Social Media site are not place you own, if they suddenly shut down, do you have another way to reach people and show what your business offers?

A website give you a place to give your opinion unbiased and completely truthful, so if you have a product from your network marketing or direct selling company that you absolutely love, but you've been taught to never say the name of the product!

Not anymore!! Now you can share your opinion, what like and benefits of the products without hiding anything. You get to show up when people search from that product and then they can buy from you.

It's also now a place people can buy your own products and services as you create them because while network marketing is an amazing platform to get started into entrepreneurship, there comes a time when it's time to share what you know and then get paid for it.

I never thought that I would sell an ebook that is my own, which you can get a copy of here, but there comes a time when you need to stop learning and start getting paid for what you've learned. Not sure where to start, I would say the first thing you want to do is surround yourself with other entrepreneurs who are going help guide you and encourage you to expand and learn what are your specialities.

That was truly when I found my wings and took flight into my own business. Do you have a community that will help you that way? The community I found is called The Young Entrepreneur Project

3) Builds your Brand

There is not a day goes by that I don't hear about "Branding You!" And the only reason I find this rather funny is that, just 5-7 years ago it was such a strange thing to say.

However, now it is absolutely necessary to build a brand, so let me first give a little training (that received from this complimentary challenge).

A brand is your story, your journey to where you are now, it's sharing your passions, your opinions and then sharing it out there for people to follow and love.

Chef Katrina, who is the person to go to in order to learn everything you need to learn about Pinterest, taught me at a mastermind week that when you build your brand, you also build a following.

It's going to be slow and can be discouraging, but by continuing to show up, you start to build a following, and then that following becomes the people that will go to battle for you if you ever get haters coming to you.

That is the power of building a brand!

But how does having a website help build your brand?

If all you use is social media to build your brand... how will people then find you if for some reason the social media channels kick you off or shut down?

A website brings it all home and then give you an opportunity to offer things for people to pay you for.

Another question that I hear a lot is on "how do I monetize my audience?" You have to have a place for people to pay you for your services, your products, for your trainings and a website is where you'll host them.

Not sure what to sell? Check out this FREE webinar on "A 10 Step System For Launching A 6-Figure Digital Product".


Now that I have covered the 3 top reasons you should have a website, I want to answer, how do I build a website? Which website builder do I choose?

There are a lot of great options out there and honestly it also depends on your budget, so I'm going to give you two recommendations:

1) Build your own

2) Hire someone to do it for you

I have gone through a few different options on building your own website and I have gone the route of having my website built for me. Both are great! It just depends on your budget and time as a business.

My website builder of choice is Wix.

Wix is completely user friendly and without a doubt easy on the wallet and easy to customize.

I even have a complete how to build your Wix website course that you can access.

Now if you have more of a budget to have someone build out your website, I would definitely make sure to do your research so you get someone that will build something that is YOU and that can be easily updated if necessary.

I would recommend checking out Brand Valet for this.

Brand Valet not only creates the website for to help you build your brand, it also provides branded content for you to use and is strategically created with you, your audience, and how you show up for your audience.

It is a class above everything else out there, plus it's build by Livia Fisher Kane who was instrumental in building the brand of UFC.

If you have the budget and are ready to truly bring your brand to life, go to www.discoverbrandvalet.com and register for the zoom broadcast. It will ask you who referred you, type my name: Sarah Lawyer in and you'll be registered.

I'm curious, what has held you back in the past to having a website? Has this helped you decide to move forward?

Let me know in the comments.

Talk soon,